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College Campuses

Traditional Campus Focused Teams

Imagine working with a team of five to ten other staff committed to building spiritual movements within a traditional campus environment. These campuses are places like The University of Colorado, Texas A&M, UCLA, The University of Michigan, Penn State, and more. Campuses are typically larger, localized, and comprised of a multitude of micro communities. Whether they’re known for an active Greek life, vibrant athletic programs, dynamic school spirit, or rich histories, these campuses radiate excitement and embody the academic ideal.

From these schools come some of the sharpest thinkers; including faculty and students who lead in their fields of business, medicine, law, education, and politics. Through evangelism and discipleship you’ll be daily investing in the lives of students and offering a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, which will ultimately contribute to the spread of movements of believers everywhere.

Picture leading a small group Bible study in a freshman residence hall and engaging in a lively discussion with a junior about ways to take the gospel to all corners of their university; including students in theater, engineering, or on foreign exchange. Imagine your role of helping leaders launch movements in dozens of communities within their campus where active ministries have never existed.

Consider offering students an experience that will expand their view of God’s work in the world and how they can be used in the Great Commission. Perhaps this means inviting them to a fall or winter conference, or stateside and international summer project, which God may use to develop them profoundly. Coach a student on how to lead a spring break outreach or teach them to study God’s Word in such a way that they will also disciple others for a lifetime.

Metro and Distance Focused Teams

Now imagine that kind of impact throughout an entire grouping of college campuses.  In metro areas, staff teams are reaching students on 20 – 30 campuses in their city. Other teams are pioneering ministries on campuses with little or no Christian presence. You would help students, volunteers, and churches learn how to effectively develop “win, build, and send” movements that can reach every student with the gospel.

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