Cru - Joining the Ministry

For a follower of Christ who is graduating from college there is no need more pressing than help in discerning God’s will. We wish we could tell you exactly what the Lord wants you to do (I’m sure you wouldn’t mind that either), but we can’t. We can tell you that if you desire to do God’s will above all else, he will make His will known to you. That’s comforting. What we offer here is the collected wisdom of many years of processing God’s will with those contemplating joining our staff. We hope you’ll find it helpful, and that you’ll get at least a few of your questions answered.

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Letter from Keith Davy

Like all of us, you are going to face an ever-increasing number of decisions… Approaching these decisions apart from God leaves you to rely on your own limited ability to gather the information, to consider the options and make your best guess at the outcomes.. In a real sense, it is just that, a guess. But when you trust God, there is a different path. Read more from Keith Davy’s Letter.

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